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OK, Mailchimp does not have its own widget. So I bought your simple version. It seemed that I had to buy $20 credit to get the $6 software. That did not allow me to buy it with my credit and so I paid another $6 and bought it. It does have a widget but the settings are in HTML . It is NOT simple. I now see that CodeCanyon is just a reseller and does not even check out the products that they sell. When I paid the $20, for the $6 product, I thought “I’ll probably get other products from them.” Now I won’t bother as I don’t trust them. It was worth blowing $26 to learn who not to buy from! Lick my wounds and learn my lesson.

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When you purchase an item, there is an option to use prepaid deposits. Also, you didn’t have to deposit $20 to buy, it would have just cost $2 more. Every item goes through a review process and there are many items rejected everyday. If you feel you were mislead when buying the product you can contact support and request a refund.

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Hi JamieHayes

Sorry to hear of your bad experience using the marketplaces here, but I assure you, none of the authors of the products or the owners of the site are trying to rip you off.

Most authors offer excellent support if you ask them. Just go to the authors page who created the item you bought and you can email them with any problems you are having. I’m sure they will be more than happy to help you.

Also, if you are unsure of purchasing an item, most offer live demos so you can see it working and all items have Comments pages as well, so you can see if the author offers good support or if other buyers have had the same problem.

These marketplaces are a great place to get really good software, themes and more at very good prices.

Hope that helps :)

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As said above, it’s best to contact the author from either their item page or their profile page. Most of the time (with a few unfortunate, rare exceptions) the authors will be more than happy to help you figure out the problem and answer any questions you have.

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Envato team

Please get in touch with the author and if that fails, get in touch with support.

Considering APIs change all the time, the item that you bought might be incompatible with a MailChimp update to their API .