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After talking to other authors from themeforest and other envato markeplaces(ok.. the only other is audiojungle) I realized that all of the people I talked with are doing something that I am doing. Because we are eager to see the status of our submitted items, we refresh from time to time the “my account” page. We do this to check the status and we do it quite often once a item is submitted… Now.. when some of us catch the perfect time when the reviewer is doing his/her job (we know this as our place in line is going down), we get the refreshing of the my account page at a faster pace….

What can I say… I personally feel like a young boy on Christmas morning.. waiting to see if I’ve been good or bad and if I get my present…
But a lot of unnecessary page requests is created by this…
Now… I can Imagine that the schedule the reviewers have right now is a very flexible one that might help them relax and manage the themes with a open mind and no stress… But what would if be like if the reviewers will have the possibility to schedule their future reviews dates and hours (one day in advance for example).. so that we know what chances we have and when we have them.
The reviewer did not manage to get to me today?.. no problem.. I will be able to see that the next review “wave” will be done tomorrow at 5 PM Pacific time (or something)... So I will check my email at that time if I am away and await patiently while working on a new product for themeforest or another marketplace, not being stressed by the not-knowing of when/if/what/how my theme is doing…

This would be a great feature that I think will help the servers and the developers at the same time…. What do you guys/gals think?

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Like you said, the problem is that many of our reviewers – across all of the marketplaces – have other full-time jobs. They works as reviewers when time permits; so it wouldn’t really be practical to use this method.

Rather than constantly checking your position in the queue, I think it’s generally best to assume that, unless we have place your item on hold for some reason, it will be reviewed within 24-72 hours – MAX .

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think i’d much prefer a guaranteed minimum no of days on page 1. but can’t see that being realistic, so i guess it’s just down to a little luck or good timing!

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If I remember right you get an email when your theme is approved or rejected. So try an email notifier.