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I think its ‘must be’ to filter videos by ‘has music insluded’.

I feel a little non-respected when I see ‘you must buy music seperatly’ on 90%-99% (actualy I havent found even 1 good project with music included for about 1 hour) of videos, especially when I see ‘contact audio author for mixed for this video version’.

I think AE is not video software – its movies (video + audio) software, so why AE ‘project’ is indded non usable at all when bought alone. It has no audio with it and is priced as ‘project’?

On themeforest.net where I’m author if I need to add some paid plugin to my ‘project’ I need to buy commercial licence for it. There is no ‘you need to buy those 4 plugins to use this theme’.

For me, AE project should be start-end usable as is. Dear authors should buy commercial licence for their music and supply it with it or create their own music. Especially when video is ‘hard-joined’ with music that its previewed with and its extremly hard to make/find anything that will fit to same way.

Lets discuss.

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What is the issue? If AE project isr $25 and music is $17 it’s still just $42 totally. Is it too expesive or not convinient to do few purchases instead of one? Many other assets usually not included: fonts, pictures, footage, logos,.. I don’t think even 50% of customers use the same music as it was linked in the project.

P.S. My AE project (I still have the one only) have music included. :-)

Best Regards, Andrey