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we have actually faced the same problem as a TF authors some time ago.. Eventually we have partnered with some very smart and mature coders who have launched a service that provides piracy links automated discovery&takedown for our templates, and we really like the results so far.

From our own experience: the piracy can’t be defeated completely, but there is a large amount of potential buyers that don’t buy only because they can find like 10 easy-one-click-download piracy links instantly any time of the day, but they would buy if there wasn’t any other options left. So there is indeed a moderate boost, but what matters more is the end product – if you have a great product and awesome support – you will get your money.

P.S. We want to help them grow but don’t want to advertise.. so if anyone interested in checking out the beta – please send me a direct message and i will forward it.

This is an old thread, but I think generally it still is and will always be a relevant topic; An author here, freshface, had made an automatic DMCA sender a while back – I’m not sure what you’re using, and freshkiller doesn’t support the discovery of piracy links, but it does work very well:


I do think that people should be careful with how much time they spend trying to stop their items from being pirated – if you’re spending enough time on it that it is effecting the quality of your items, take a step back.

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Landonw, yeah we used this one.. works pretty good actually. Your argument is indeed true, because in the end we couldn’t afford spending any more of our time searching for all the links ourselves. This is indeed an old topic as the problem itself though