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Hi guys :)

I’m working as a developer in Shindiri Team ( http://codecanyon.net/user/Br0 ) and I’m currently working on uSquare plugin project for WP – http://codecanyon.net/item/usquare-universal-responsive-grid-for-wordpress/3352677

I’m writing this from my personal account.

The reason I’m writing is the question, or rather a dilemma, considering one specific idea.

Since our software became complex, with around ten thousands lines of code, and since sometimes we change a huge part of code (like 7 days ago when we made a replacement for timthumb) – bugs are of regular and common occurance.

We spend a lot of time on testing – but there are always users with ‘unexpected’ WP enviroment – and only then bugs become visible.

I know you guys are doing your best to accept updates as soon as possible – but sometimes it takes up to 24 hours to accept them. We correct bugs as soon as we spot them. In other words, bugfix is ready shortly after the bug is detected. But, however, even if we fix them immediately, it takes up to 24 hours for update to be accepted. Meanwhile, a lot of users download buggy version, and both sides are in problematic situations – users are angry and we get a lot of support tickets :)

I was thinking about possible solutions for this problem, and I’ve came up with an idea for making a script that can download updated files (download updates) from our server directly to our customers, so it will become auto-updative (live) plug-in, that can automaticaly update itself.

The reason why I’m writing to you is to ask you – what is Codecanyon’s policy on that “self-updative” plugins – or in other words, do you allow it? As we may have the situation of a “Pandora’s box”, meaning, some developers may become “evil” and distribute “harmful” code – that is why I’m in dilemma what is Codecanyon’s policy about that specific “feature”, do you allow “self-updative” plugins?

Thanks in advance for reply :)

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I am 100% sure it is allowed, it was asked already and the reply was “yes, it is allowed”. Well, not with those exact words, but you get my point :)

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How can this be allowed and no-queue updates not be.

Non-queue updates are not possible because the developer can add malicious code. But it is not the same case here ? Seems contradictory…

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Well, there is still another solution to avoid situations when clients buy the version with bugs. I applied this solution for about 10 years with my development team outside codecanyon.

The solution is to write in the description of your item, a section like this:
Known issues
The version x.xx which fixes these issues is under review at CC staff. 
Thank you for your understanding!

This way, buyers decide if they wish to wait or buy.

Still, this means for many of us recognizing that their items have bugs, that’s why most authors will not use it.