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Sorry if this has already been explained here, but a search on the forums didn’t turn up anything.

I’m wondering what’s ThemeForest’s policy regarding SIFR and font licensing issues. Some foundries state that you need a separate license for every computer a font is installed on, including the web server running SIFR . (http://www.typography.com/ask/faq.php, item 20)

This would mean that the person buying the theme needs to buy the font, too. My question is, as a theme creator, do I:

a) use whatever font I want to and let the buyer sort out licensing issues ?


b) use only free fonts or fonts that permit SIFR use so that the buyer can use the theme without additional expenses ?

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I would suggest the seccond option as it is more convenient for buyers. You may choose the first option but you should not include any fonts in the download and make it clear in the description that the fonts are not included. That’s my opinion but you should wait for an official position on this topic.

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use free fonts to avoid any problems. Quite a few nice free fonts out there, you can settle for 90%, doesn’t have to be perfect, after all buyers can change the fonts afterwards if they wish. For ex. we will be uploading a template using sIFR and Aller which is a free font ;)