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Hey Guys!

I know it’s the golden question that everyone wants the answer to but am I missing something off the checklist to get a template to sell well?

I know HTML templates sell a lot worse than WordPress but mine are selling rather bad. Am I missing something?

Cheers FlatKing

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promotion – you need to get people to the page to buy it, easy ways to do this are: – paid ads (only really worth it on WP themes – css galleries – reviews – get the theme reviewed by blog owners

Getting a theme live is one thing but you need to making sure people come to the page.

For ads, lets say your paying 40p / click, you get around £6 for each click then add another 30% ($5 – £2) so for spending 40p on a click you make around £8.

Not all clicks will result in a buyer and some clicks may be higher but google adwords is the quickest way to get sales imho, you just need to know how to use it and research the keywords to target