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First I’d like to wish a happy and successful 2010 to all! I’m not quite sure how this place works, so bear with me. I’ve just spent hours looking at themes on this site and was unable to find what I was looking for.

I’m an artist and a designer, but technically challenged. I can hack things here and there to get what I need sometimes, but generally, prefer to concentrate on the aesthetic side of things. I find simplicity and minimalism more exciting than busy and pretentious.

I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to find a basic Wordpress template for my personal art portfolio site and potentially for other artists/photographers who often ask me to build sites for them.

The following are requirements:

Basically, I’m looking for templates like those on www.foliolink.com http://www.foliolink.com/design-page.asp?TMPL=171&isFl=0


or this with a simple frontpage image rotator http://joomspirit.fr/template-joomla-1.5/page-demo-template-pure-white.html

Artists don’t need too much fancy stuff to allow the work to speak for itself.

Also, none of the popup type galleries, but simple ones than can show categories and image descriptions of video as well as photo work.

Page would include: The single column frontpage, single column inner page and the regular blog page with sidebar.

I’m hoping someone understands this and can help.

Thank you!

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Moved to item requests :)

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i am freelance web designer/developer from UK with 8 years of experience in range of skillls you can check on http://www.zdncomputers.com/cv.php

I am very interested in working with you. Check my portfolio at http://www.zdncomputers.com/portfolio.php and my profile for prices and my contact information.

ps. I have a few big PHP /MySQL projects that are not in my portfolio because clients wanted it that way, if you want to see them, please send me email at zdncomputers@gmail.com

Zach N.