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Hello, I’m pretty new to Wordpress, and HTML /PHP in general (Bet you guys love to hear that)

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction as what i should do and pref HOW i should do it.

I’m in a lucky position to be able to open up a Webshp for a friend. AND im going to use the Simplicity theme, woocommerce and all that good stuff. That part is easy. Mainly my problem is the request my friend had.

He wants a “personal” custom if you will intro / frontpage looking something like this


I don’t know what this is made in but thinking its Java scripted. I did the same in Flash, but I don’t wanna use that.

I’m gonna have a friend code me a look alike frontpage 2 days from now.

But my problem is, how do I make this my frontpage and still link it to a working WP webshop?

I tried this: http://www.tutorial9.net/tutorials/web-tutorials/custom-wordpress-homepage-with-customizable-widgets/

But I can’t seem to make it work, I’m just trying for now to make the flash the starter page just to see how it will work until i get the right frontpage.

A friend also suggested that I should make an index.html file that will take priority of the index.php file and load my frontpage. But won’t that destroy the WP in the back?

If it’s possible to use the index.html and then just link the frontpage to the shopping page, it would be great.

But I have no idea on how I should proceed :/

So any tips / help is appreciated.

Regards Kenan