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I think a good use of slider in a template may affect the sales and also the overall “look and feel” of the template. However, I juts wondering what type of slider is your preference? And what kind of effect you like of a slider?

I like a simple slider with thumbnail selections and fade in /fade out transition. It looks smooth and not too fancy :)

Recently, I notice there is overused of animation on a slider. For example, when you hover on a thumbnail, the title slide up, opacity of the thumbnail increase and the background’s opacity decrease. Thumbnail border is changing color. Text link is changing color. I mean, it seems cool, but, is it too much?

Mind to share?

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I don’t think it’s possible to say like this what’s too much and what’s not. Same applies to slider preferences; the slider should be there to serve a purpose. It’s exact configuration, design and features should be looked at in the context of the entire site/design.