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Back on topic, check results for the same week last year…. http://themeforest.net/page/top_sellers?day=21&month=06&year=2012

Well we shouldn’t look at top sellers because most of them advertise through AdWords anyway, I took a look at WP>Creative last year and it seems to me that the sales were 2X higher than this year. Yes I also think there are too many releases, I mean common there are great programmers out there that consider PHP/WP programming a joke, they must have seen authors here making on one theme as much as they were making in a year, probably some of them started to publish themes. Old days are not coming back, I don’t see how a new search engine could help, it’s competition :) .

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In my opinion envato should change his marketing policy!

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Uh, maybe people figured out that all themes look the same? :bigwink:

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Definitely need better search. People should be able to search even with individual features to encourage feature rich themes rather only good looking themes.

Also there is no incentive to update the theme with new features. Ideally there should be section where TF should show recently updated themes and it should list themes which has added major features. This way the old theme with good design can be revived.

Also there should be paid hosting services from Envato for themeforest authors. We want to release theme for Liferay and the costing here doesn’t make any sense with Liferay hosting cost.