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SonicCube said
Greysound said
SonicCube said
Sorry to say

but as you can see, not many people from AJ even joined this thread. Why ? Because for AJ authors it’s an absolute useless and unfair tool. What you hear ( in the preview ) is what you get. There are no fancy codes or tool implemented in audiofiles, so why should someone rate about the usage of a file ? IF a buyer rates, then it’s mostly about taste, and this is useless.

Just my thoughts about the rating system for audiofiles.
Hey SonicCube, I am here, and I wonder if you ever had one of your items rated below 3 stars.. Well it happened to me a couple of times, when there is absolutely no reason! I think you got my point. By the way, I agree it is useless and unfair for us (AJ authors). It was useless and unfair and now it is turning into some harmful and abusive tool.


Yes, sure i had some of my files rated with one star, without any given reason. One of them was even a package with 5 Logo revealer intro’s, priced like one single item = $5. No idea why that happened, while all the files in the preview where the same as in the download (as allways on AJ). I just stoped to think too much about the ratings, i would just be happy if they cancel this on AJ, as the only importance should be sales there ( regarding listings ).

Have a great one… Daniel

Very much agreed with you guys – I get the occasional 2 or 3 star rating as well. I don’t mind a bad rating, but without feedback on why the buyer didn’t like the song after being able to hear it in its entirety in the preview file it’s an exercise in frustration for the author. Is it mixed badly? Too bassy? Who knows? There’s no action we can take to either improve the file or contact the user to see if we can provide a remix.

As an author, I take it very seriously if a customer, who paid good money, is unhappy with my product, and I want to do anything I can to correct the situation. So I would love to see an optional field for feedback when a file is rated. If a buyer wants to give me two stars but then give me some hint as to what needs to be improved, I’m all for it.

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Great job, this allowed me to go in and correct some earlier purchases with higher ratings.

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Envato team

Old thread that was attracting some spam, so I done locked it up!