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You are DA MAN ! Thanks for the heads up Patrik :)

eta: Oh. You learn something new every day. So when an item gets disabled and then approved after a while, it doesn’t appear in the main page, it gets in the category under the date it was first submitted and not the day it was approved (and so down the list behind other items). Not cool :P

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I can totally relate to aRtlessX ’ s situation. I have gone through similar inconsistent decisions from reviewers on this site as well. Often they approve one file with no problems and then they decline an identical file. For example, this file was approved with no comments: http://graphicriver.net/item/reflection-arrows-collection-1/124223 but then a similar file with different arrows and with the exact same number of file options (.AI, .EPS, .PSD, .PNG, .JPG) was rejected with the comments that it had no .AI file (which it had) and that it needed written instructions (which it really doesn’t since the file is so simple).

Although I’m sure some reviewers do a great job on this website, others seem to randomly click the accept/reject button. Even more frustrating than this is that there seems to be no objective criteria. One day they’ll accept a file which has only a .jpg option to it (of which there are many on graphicriver) and the next day they’ll reject a file saying there must be more then a .jpg file.

I upload to several stock oriented websites and this one has by far the most inconsistent reviewer’s opinions. This is very unfortunate. Considering the low commission GraphicRiver pays to non-exclusive contributors I have to say that they require way too many file options and that some reviewer’s criteria are far from objective. I am sure many will disagree with my point of view but to me GraphicRiver is not only driving the market’s prices down, which are quite low in the first place, but also paying a very low royalty percentage to contributors. I’m very dismayed by this situation and will probably be removing my entire portfolio from this website.

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I never resubmit soft rejected files they do take forever to get through, starting from scratch with a fresh upload works a treat.