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The home page needs to be more search based design, it should be a big search box and a PROPER search engine to back it up so anyone can come to the site and enter “church” and click WordPress and then display the results automatically with newest at the top (user can then filter by sales, date added etc) – under the big search on the homepage should be a random pull of 1 item from each category. Nice, clean, direct, and no focus on any item, category, date uploaded, or sales reached thus far.

Bingo. And the only reason the “homepage exposure boost” phenomenon exists is because people aren’t finding our files properly through search. If search doesn’t ever get an overhaul, I’d think about hiring a few people full-time to manually make search more accurate. An example:

The “search accuracy team” gets a list of the top 1000 search terms and go through the top 30 results for each one. If a product doesn’t belong, it gets blacklisted from that search term.

Obviously not the best solution, but way better than the current scenario which has popular files dominating search terms that they have no business being listed in.

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I think the home page should have a random box that show items by randoms , even old or new! That could be a good way!