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Hi guys, I’m looking for someone who has knowledge of Augmented Reality.

Have you seen Blippar? Take a look at this -


Here is what I need/looking for -


In Feb 2013 we have a Conference, we do this conference once a year and we get a lot of complaints from visitors they have too many papers to hold as they collect press release’s from many different brands throughout the day

My idea was if we had posters on our booth of our products

Using a cool AR idea on our poster’s, the press release would appear with some nice animation/effect and people would be able to view a trailer and the press release, or accordingly email or download the press release to their email address or their device

The design of the elements, I Would like to be responsible for so it match’s our brand imaging, what it should look like etc

Anyone can help here?

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In my experience I can only advise you before you pay someone to do it for you… Most augmented reality apps look great in their demo videos but fail to live up on the live delivered , and on Your Phone It’s Another Story.

If you are using this in a Conference maybe 30%-50% of the mobiles there will fail seeing the AR …it’s a great idea but in my view it’s still premature tec` for the public and its not that hard to make but it’s far from perfect, so if it’s for a Conference you want to go on a sure thing ….. my 2 c`

Still AR tec` in a few years will be everywhere

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Please get in touch and we’ll discuss more details and your budget for this project.


Matt / MSFX