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I think Envato should really consider introducing SSL asap and/or other authentication schemes, like 2-factor for instance. Get a partnership with Yubico for the YubiKey maybe, make it optional of course and let authors select it for added security.

Some of the authors here make big money, not having SSL yet is a disaster waiting to happen. I just had a security breach on an account that was supposed to be pretty safe.

Not introducing SSL used to be motivated by the extra resources required for this, but this is 2011 and there are no plausible excuses left anymore.

Envato, get with the rest of the world and add SSL . It’s not important that withdrawals for instance are not processed instantly and that theoretically someone would have time to realize they’ve been compromised and notify support, I don’t think any author would want someone unauthorized snooping around in their account and confidential data.

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I think this has just happened after 3 years of your post and the victim is me. I just saw 3 unauthorized theme purchases $55 each from my account and my balance is $165 down :(

Will envato do something for me?

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Envato team

@imithemes Please open up a ticket with Support if you haven’t done so already – http://support.envato.com/ Also be sure to change your account password.

I’m going to lock this thread as it’s pretty old :)