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i really would like that if somebody doesn’t rate the file 5 stars at least give some feedback or comments about what he found not perfect for his needs… I always give support people who ask me for help, but still my rating are 4 stars, because who is not satisfied doesn’t say the reason of it!

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^ It will be really great if we could look how many stars we got or afterthat the devs could maybe implement something like ‘reputation’ not just stars, when you also need to give small feedback (like more users/authors wants) because why you are taking low or higher rating. Maybe then there could be just ’+’ and ’-’ sign and a small textarea where you type message. That reputation then could be displayed. I have seen this on one forum before and I think it was really good.

The story: Somebody buy some item. He don’t like it because he think that author could add for example more colour variations under background (inside downloaded file). But he is not very good user of application where he opened that downloaded purchased file. So he take for that file only 3 stars / he think that this is not good when under description author wrote that this could have many coulour variations.

On the other side in reputation system, he will give a minus sign and write some feedback. Other people who also want to purchase this same item look at all reputation feedbacks and under ‘reputation’ of previous user there is written: i am unable to colorize background to get different colour variations.

But that other purchaser know better how to use application where this file is saved and he know that for example maybe he just need to use Hue/Saturation to get different colour of background. So he purchase this file. Then he could take + sign and write that this file is great and maybe he could also comment that colour variations could be achieved with simple Hue/Saturation tool etc. to help author to get better and correct reputation.

Just my idea and a bit also the idea of what I have seen somewhere before.

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Joost said
There have been soooo many threads on this topic. Either way, I’ll conclude what I’ve concluded before, briefly:
  • Forcing users to leave feedback would result in even less ratings.
  • Forcing users to leave feedback for files they rate at less than 5 stars would result in them rating either 5 stars or not rating, both rendering the rating system useless. (If all files were 5 stars, how would yours stand out?)
  • Forcing users to rate files would cause them to randomly rate, also rendering the system useless.
  • Rewarding users (equally) to rate files would result in random ratings as well, which would also render the system useless.
  • Rewarding users if they rate near the average would result in people rating exactly on the average, simply to score rewards, and thus rendering the system useless right after the first votes have settled an average.

I’m not trying to offend people who bring solutions – I’m just being rational and supplying previously offered solutions with feedback. Isn’t that exactly what people want? Feedback?

This sure is a tough nut to crack. ;)

I agree. “Forcing people” to do anything they don’t want always leads to one thing – FAILURE . No matter how noble the intentions are.

+ Buyers are not here to help us improve our files. They are here to buy graphics for their projects. If they rate or give feedback – IT IS A BONUS . They have other work to do besides helping you or me to improve.