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Hello. I consider myself a good webdesigner (html,css,jQuery,PHP). I’m going to make my first web template, the design is ready but I’m not sure how to start programming. I worked a lot with PHP but never made a template and am not sure what to take under consideration.

How did you guys start off? Did you maybe bought a template and than looked how it was made (if so what template did you use) ?

All hints are welcome.

Greetins adino

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Buying a reliable author file to see how is structured, or even documented, is something obviously useful for newbie authors. Try to get it as a reference, but don’t steal things if you want to be sucessful on this markeplace on long term.

Is difficult on init, but you can also try to contact some authors with similar files (like WP, Joomla or whatever you are managing) to ask them for advices. Most of the people i’ve faced here are such nice persons, and i’m sure you can get some good info with that. Also you can try to post links here on forum, but some authors prefer not to make anything public before release. It’s up to you.

And think that you will be probably (high percent) rejected on your first attemp. Don’t give up, keep on working until you get your file approved. Apart from this, you mention different languages as skills for a web designer. Wrong point of view, imo. Consider that your layout/design will mean up to 70% on the chance of being published, no matter the clean your code could be.

Hope this helps! ;)