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you logo is good :)

I see a lot of you complain in this forum :) in other thread you complain about your “game over” logo get rejected…because u think your logo quality is enough for $29

and in this thread you think ” why we need to do a lot of time to work ..just for get rejected from reviewer”

my comment : “no comment ”

From my short experience here (although I am registered from 1 year but I start exploring this website and uploading from 1 month only) I think I should avoid saturated areas such as logos unless I have a very high quality items.

I already have many quality logos but I am not very excited abouth uploading them here for 29$ only, I know that the logo may sell many times but that is not guaranteed, but I also know that I can sell such logos to some clients for 300$-500$ each for one time, which leaves me with hard choice between the two options.