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Though the high selling category is WP in TF but yes the most hard category to submit an item is PSD. It is reasonable. Because suppose you have created an item for WP or HTML but the design is not a top notch one but still you can show some creativity using JavaScript, AJAX, CSS3 etc But when a buyer come to buy a PSD iten they see nothing but a JPEG/PNG image. So here you have only one option to show your creativity and it is only design. When you browse PSD category on TF your eyes will definitely grow bigger in surprise saying how top notch those designs are! PSD category is only for very very top notch graphic designers who are very professional and experienced for years. If you are a newbie graphic designer then you have to learn more. As you have already submitted the item for third time, I think the next time you submit it and if it get’s rejection again then the reviewer will say “This item can’t be submitted any more” Because as far I as I know whenever an item is submitted several times and it get’s rejection and rejection again and again then reviewers block the item from being submitted any more. Last of all I want to say don’t become disappointed if you want to get stick with PSD category then become a good graphic designer, your item will then definitely be accepted one day. Thank you

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Guys, please look at the dates of posts before writing :)

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Guys, please look at the dates of posts before writing :)

Ruben, that’s ok I think :) Good links have been shared on this post… Authors who have this problem can get some ideas…

And after these 2 years, we could actually upload designs to PSD category… To be honest, when I myself look at my old designs that I was trying to get them uploaded, I laugh :))

They were not that professional that I thought they were!

So if there is anyone who is right now trying to upload designs to PSD category, don’t worry if your designs get rejected one after another… it’s just because they are not still good enough. Go and study about web designing and typography stuff… and then get back, uploading a web design is not just about having a good looking design, it should also follow the typography rules.

Also one thing that I myself were doing wrong, was that I couldn’t close my eyes on my rejected design and start a new one because I have put lots of time on it! don’t be afraid to put your rejected designs in the trash if the rejection reason was so huge! Start fresh with a brand new idea…

Actually this is how it works: If you love what you have done at the end, be sure that others love it too and you can get accepted :)