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My recently submitted design was rejected for

We’re sorry, your item Custom Webkit Animation and Transitions has not been approved for sale on CodeCanyon. This is the reason given by our item inspector:

This File Did Not Meet Our Criteria

Thanks so much for taking the time to submit this template. Unfortunately, due to our high standards, your template has been declined.

1) This look good in terms of usability, however, we are expecting premium item with good design and ready to be used. Not something like a demo or tutorial.

2) The design need improvements.

The Item is Pure CSS animations theres 22 of them in total and I have more incoming just wanted to get it accepted first. The video preview can be seen here seen as what I was focusing on was the animations I am somewhat confused why it was rejected any input would be appreciated.

Thanks Chris

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Looks good to me. However video isnt the best way to showcase your stuff. But looks sweet. Esp the reflections.

I too have my items rejected lol. Now on version 3 of second item, and fingers crossed.

Good Luck.

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I don’t review the CSS stuff, and it’s difficult to get an idea of what the reviewer had in mind without seeing the code.

From my experience in the .NET category, many people submit tutorial-esque code and expect it to be sold on CodeCanyon. We don’t sell tutorial code. Judging from reason #1, the code you provided was tutorial-esque. IE: “Here’s how to make an Ajax call” as opposed to “Here’s an Ajax library I wrote and this is how you use it in your app.”

I can’t comment on reason #2 since I haven’t seen the code and I don’t know what the reviewer considers good design.

Hope that helps.

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That was my best guess as well. If your item was just a list of cool webkit transitions, that’s probably not enough. We’re looking for real-world items that can immediately be imported into a new project.