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Hi authors, just curious ! How do you react when we buyers make suggestions (and I mean suggestions, not demands) to “improve” the theme you’ve fine crafted for weeks and weeks ? It often happens that when developing a site from one of your themes I think “hey this could be done better”, or “this should behave like this or look like that”. In such cases I drop an e-mail or a post in the comments section and most often I get a polite “Why not, I may include it for a future release”. Generally I don’t care if you do it or not since I do the customizations I need by myself, but I always wonder : do you consider it useful feedback or does it bother you (this is YOUR theme and you do what YOU want)? Would be great to know your point of view … honestly ;-)

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While some suggestions I have received from buyers are either not fitting the template/concept or simply not on the project’s roadmap, I do tend to give all suggestions a fair shot and listen.

I don’t see any reason to get upset or anything over a suggestion. You have the choice to do it or not after all…

Not later than yesterday, one of my buyers asked how he could implement a change to the template he bought. The change was actually pretty simple, yet truly awesome, improving on the template even it it wasn’t broken. So, I decided to add it to the next update.

While some buyers don’t have the technical expertise to make valid or doable suggestions, others do and there’s a fair chance an author would find some diamonds in the comments’ dust.

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I love it, if one customer thinks it another probably does too and this could be costing sales, as long as it isn’t a “This is awful change the entirety of it” then I’m more than happy to drop it in

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I’d say it depends mostly on two factors:

(1) how it is presented

(2) how useful it is to other theme customers

When it comes as a serious and earnest suggestion for the betterment of the product, and is something that will benefit more than a small percentage of customers, it’s always worth considering. I’ve had some great suggestions from customers that I’ve incorporated into my products. I’ve also had some suggestions that would only server to bloat the product and benefit one or two customers out of thousands, in which case I thank them for their suggestion but don’t plan to implement it.

Anyway, I think you should always feel free to provide constructive feedback, most authors will appreciate it. In the end, it comes down to the author’s judgment as to what is best for the product, but having customer feedback can be very valuable, even if the suggestion isn’t implemented directly. I think dropping an email or posting in a support forum is the best mechanism for providing feedback, as it’s less likely to be taken as a criticism than when posting in a public area like item comments where it may negatively affect other customers. As you’re aware, there are definitely customers out there who demand features and hold authors hostage via ratings if they don’t deliver, so I think making it clear you’re not one of “those” buyers by providing the feedback in a positive way and in a private arena also improves the chances of the suggestion being seriously considered ;)

In short, keep doing what you’re doing :)