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Hello ThemeForest community,

I am looking for a dynamic web designer to help create or modify a pre-existing template which I would purchase. For what ever reason, everyone I have reached out to directly on themeforest seem to be really really slow to get back to me or they seem uninterested before even hearing what I need…

So what do I need?

I need a really talented web designer to create the front end design for a multipurpose website that will serve as a collaboration platform for the arts community, a talent roster for businesses and venues and a place for users to showcase their talent (through media streaming) and sell goods/services. Compensation will be more than fair but it needs to be fast turn-around and must be a design that adapts to various devices (i.e. cell phones, ipads, etc.). Please message asap (prophetfresh@gmail.com) to discuss.

Want to see some reference websites I like on themeforests? No problem.


http://luvlythemes.com/html/spotless-business/ http://demo.themedev.me/?theme=Modern%20Html