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But at the end of the day, a big-name seller like Orman Clark, for example, is gonna sell more copies of a theme than an first-time seller will of an equally-awesome theme, due to the fact that Orman has built up a community around him, via Premium Pixels, Twitter, Dribbble, etc., and more people can find out about his themes.

actually ! He is my idol :D

If you build a quality theme, buyers will find it.

Yep and i think Orman built the easy-to-use and powerful theme option !

And combine all these things :

Quality theme + Good Marketing + Reputation = More Sales

The man defiinately has some celeb status :) He does produce some mighty fine work.

winning combination?

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Celeb status helps, but a cheeky and confident approach to marketing works wonders. I’ve not really done anything of note here on the marketplaces yet (soon, my pretty, soon…) but the principle is the same when you launch pretty much anything.

Make your preview image and demo irresistible. No point getting people to that point if their first impression is going to be bad. This is part of the reason I hate those previews that just have a logo or something and no picture of the actual theme, I just skip right by those because they don’t let me know whether this is a theme I might use or not. As an added bonus you can add smaller images and general html in the item description itself to snazz it up a bit and make it stand out from others.

Tell everyone you’ve ever met in your entire life, whether through social media or real life or whatever. The more people who know about your theme, the more likely you are to hit on someone who wants one or who knows someone who might.

Make an ad-type banner for your theme and stick it in your profile page, in forum signatures around the web, in an ad slot on your own blog, in an ad slot on your friend’s blog, etc etc etc.

Basically the gist is to make your landing page (in this case the product page) look awesome and then tell as much of the population of the world about it as you possibly can. No prior following required.

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Everyone if forgetting that this is a stock marketplace not a design exhibition. Most buyers don’t come here to find extremely unique designs, for clients who want unique “design-y” sites, they come here to buy feature packed sites for average clients who just want a standard but professional looking website.

The fact that great designs are not selling as well as standard themes is not a surprise. On TF a theme with general appeal will always trump one with specific appeal. The best designs are always more specific than those with more standard design. This whole idea can be seen in action by looking at the themes which have been the top sellers on this marketplace for years now. They are almost always very standard in design but have an enormous feature set.

Other things like marketing can help to attract attention to your theme/item which is definitely important, but it will not change this fundamental fact above.