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One of the things I always find amazing about this community is how everyone is from so many different parts of the world. But as someone who dropped out of school in the second grade, I sometimes don’t know much about where people are from. So I thought it would be fun to share some information about where we’re all from (no political stuff so we can keep it clean). I’ll start:

United States:

  • Tomorrow is the “4th of July” holiday, where we celebrate our independence from the English. We celebrate by having cookouts, drinking beer and lighting fireworks.
  • Professional Soccer (football) is not really that popular in the U.S.
  • We’re having record breaking heat in some parts of the country this summer.
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QLD here in Australia.

  • Bloody freezing at the moment ( 15 degrees C :P )
  • State of Origin #3 is on tonight. This is a yearly rubgy match between our state (QLD) and the one just south of us (NSW). The best of the best play it out in 3 matches spread over a month or so. Most people head to a local pub or mates house and make an evening of it, and most call in sick the following day :P I have absolutely zero interest in sports, so it’s always awkward around friends when they’re chatting away about this and that.
  • Australia is much bigger than most people think. We spent 3 months driving around it last year in a caravan whilst working on envato items. If anyone is looking for a place to back pack then I would recommend this country.
  • Most games and digital content costs lots more in Australia than US (eg: games from Steam and Adobe downloads)
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This is great idea! :)

I am from Cyprus a small island in Mediterranean sea ( http://bit.ly/Nkwnl3 google map) and member of EU!

Facts: Freaking hot in summer! ( over 37 degrees normally) not really cold winter min 10 Degrees.

We Speak Greek (mother language)!

Popular touristic Destination ( Agia napa city (party 24 hours)!

Football very popular Here!

Populations a bit over 800 000

Very expensive electronics like tvs, pc etc.

You can go around the island in 3 days.

The rest i leave it to you to google it and learn the history :)

P.S. You are invited for summer vacations and party :)

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  • Country in the Northern Europe with a population of approximately 6 million.
  • Called the “Land of the thousand lakes” when there’s in fact 187,888 lakes in here.
  • We’re pretty good at hockey from time to time.
  • No polar bears or Eskimos contrary to popular belief.Around 24 °C today.
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  • Our coastline is more than 15.000 km, even if Greece is a small country.
  • Official name of Greece is Hellas and greeks are hellens.
  • We created our first alphabet about 1900 BC.
  • We took our first loan at 1823, before our independence (1830), so we have history of loans too :)
  • We dont “break plates” any more! That was a kind of fun at 60s and 70s.
  • “Frappe” coffee (a kind of cold coffee) was created at Thessaloniki (city of Greece) in 1957 by a man who couldnt find hot water :)
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  • Is right in the middle of Europe with no access to the sea
  • With a population of 8.5 mio and a capital called “Vienna” (approx. 1.7 mio)
  • We have currently about 35° Celcius (95° Fahrenheit)
  • We have many mountains here cause a big part of the Alps is in our country (biggest is “Großglockner” with 3.798 m (12.460 ft)
  • Our main language is German but we have many dialects which are often hard to understand for foreign people
  • We have awesome tasting beer
  • No polar bears around here (at least what I know)
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Interesting thread… ;D Especially that we all know everything about USA ;) So… Poles gives special attention to their culture and history (I know it’s important but it’s so boooooring … ). Poland in a few words is the country of beautifull woman, alcohol lovers, brilliant food, wonderful landscapes, hard work, and dynamic changes… As a musician I am proud to be Polish when listening to Chopin nocturnes… Maybe my friends will write some more words…

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So, The United Kingdom...

- England – We eat tea and scones all day darling!

- England – London isn’t very English at all, come and visit real England if you make the trip here…

- Scotland – Has our highest mountain, Ben Nevis

- Scotland – The capital Edinburgh is one of the nicest cities you’ll ever see

- Wales – It rains (still beautiful though)

- Wales – More sheep than people?!

- Northern Ireland – Separated from the Republic of Ireland (only border in UK)

- Northern Ireland – I’ve never been, would love to go! :P

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- We are in a horrible (critic, let’s say) economic situation.
- We have been winning main football competitions on last 4 years, so we don’t care at all about the above statement.