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Learning how to do responsive websites seems mandatory. I’ve worked some with Project Seven tools. Am reading a good book, “Jump Start Responsive Web Design.” Been asking questions on the Wise Women web workers discussion list. Planning to renew my membership at lynda. Thinking about learnable.

I have two clients who’d like their sites to go responsive. One is a WordPress site now using Atahualpa theme. For a while I thought I’d just convert to its sibling responsive theme from bytesforall: Montezuma.

There’s not much doc – there is a Montezuma forum. Nice place. But the forum’s generous volunteer moderators have to work hard just to offer very simple answers to some of the questions. The forum isn’t designed or “manpowered” to be comprehensive.

I’m a designer, not a code warrior. No better than intermediate in making WordPress do a reasonable share of what I want it to do. It struck me that if a Premium theme came with willing and thorough support, that might work better for me.

Your description of Sterling brags (convincingly) about customer support. Says the theme is designed for the range from veteran pro to beginner. Says you’re a design shop. All of that sounds good to me.

You have many videos. You have other doc. I’m happy to immerse myself in that kind of support before seeking the help of a living person.

Do you think we’d be a good fit?

Chuck M BTW, I searched themes at wordpress.org for “Sterling.” No results. But the theme isn’t new (though the version is). Does its absence at that site mean anything?

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Hi Chuck, welcome to ThemeForest, this is a general open forum.

For specific Sterling pre-sales questions and general feedback, you are welcome to interact directly with the author here. Simply leave him a quick comment and he’ll gladly point you in the right direction. Good luck.