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If I may add: I may actually consider this helpful as an optional addition to TF. Because honestly I would gladly accept outside support for my files. Meaning I can design a template, put it up for sale, and never have to worry about it again because another company takes care of any updates for me edit reasonable price.

That would be an added value for me as an author because it would save me time and money on support and allow me to continue developing new items instead of continually worrying about old ones.

Only if I chose to have that service for my templates though.



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Is anyone tried testing the search functionality on PhotoDune? It needs a big facelift along with shopping cart functionality.

I guess big corporation such as this place wants to waste resources on something that doesn’t enhance user experience. What good is an affiliate link in your downloads section, when you can’t even simply search for photos that include clipping paths.

That’s the problem with the world today, everyone is always after money, money, money… instead of providing superior customer service and support for their existing clients, employees and customers.


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Only just seen this thread and frankly I’m in shock. 90% of the money I make from GR comes from customisation work – certainly not from the 50% commission rate.

If my customisation work starts going to Envato as well as 50% of the value of a product that I’ve spent hours creating and tweaking to get it just right, then I’ll be removing every item I have on GR because it’s simply not worth my time. Along with everyone else, I’m grateful for the platform provided, but there are limits to how much of my profits you can take from me before I up sticks and leave.

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Good ideea and opportunity to find new clients !

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Hi Collis, how are you?

Since you’ve mentioned that this is just a small test for a product idea rather than a finished or final product, please allow me to share some out-of-the-loop observations.

Please correct me if I’m wrong. GraphicRiver is now publicly advertising and strictly favoring an exclusive outside site/service that provides custom design work of our templates?

I can understand ThemeForest already doing this with web hosting, through Dreamhost, as it doesn’t affect community authors in any direct way, but custom-design work is a different story.

I surely understand the commercial potential behind such service, but by advertising it here, in-house, through the sales of our items, it automatically undermines and devalues any possible post-sale service a buyer might want from the author.

It is basically offering a cheaper competitor, thus forcing authors to either charge the same low price, or give up providing custom design work altogether.

At this point, I currently see no benefits whatsoever to the author community, instead, I see a new outside service trying to monopolize custom design work, through our items.

I agree, a lot of sites/services like these already do exist, and that’s fine, but intentionally advertising a competitor inside GraphicRiver is a slap in every author’s face.

Unless this is directly integrated into our items, as an additional purchase option for the buyer, where the author has first priority in customizing his own item for a reasonable price, I’m afraid it can easily provoke a community storm.

+1 Generating freelance work is the biggest value of being an author for me.