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I fixed the issues that Scott mentioned and re-submitted my template.

Here is the template with the changes. Band Template



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||+518218|designsatnight said-|| thanks for the support Lester

TF is doing this wrong. I AM willing to work on these themes even for another month if I see that they are not playing with me and respect my work. But it’s clear that I give weeks of hard quality work and they give me about 3 minutes to copy-paste some general bs.

I’d love to be an author here because I respect people who put the bar high, but I won’t beg.

ps : won’t put the link here bc of forum rules but I’ve seen really weak designs in this section with the same response word to word.

You’re exactly right. The TF reviewers have no respect for a designer’s work and could care less if it’s reviewed, accepted, or rejected. Most of the files accepted nowadays are one’s that are associated with “long-term” members, who have hundreds or thousands of sales under their belt. This, in turn, allows absolutely NO ROOM for the little guy. Plus, TF only gives you 50% of your sales? What’s up with that? Talk about a monopoly.

I say let’s start our own file marketplace! We can all utilize our expertise to develop something even better than TF.

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beetlesales, please, do not be rude toward your fellow members. Trust me. Reviewers care. That’s why they reject poor quality items. They care about the overall quality of the Envato Marketplaces. A few pages back, there is an entire page discussing why reviewers reject items, and the steps you should take to get your design/template/theme approved! Regarding why ThemeForest gives you only 50% of sales... well, here is a small question for you, how do you think hosting, server, 9 sister sites, Tuts sites, staff, developers, reviewers, and other costs are managed?

Other than that, this topic has seen it’s purpose and is slowly heading toward a pointless accusations topic. Please try to understand guys! Everyone is saying the same thing over and over and over!

Reviewers do not hate you! They are impartial, they do their jobs as they should, and I believe the fact that each file that hits the homepage makes sales says that quite nicely! The quality of the marketplaces is going higher and higher everyday, and yes, reviewers are strict. But that is more than fair and correct! Never give up! Just keep working harder and harder, and sooner or later you will be approved! Raging on the forums never helps my friends. As many people said before, eventually, you will end up thanking the reviewers for so many rejections. Why? The first thing you learn from a rejection is you need Quality and Patience!

Topic locked.