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@FinalDestiny, I really don’t get it, especially after you were saying a few weeks back that you’re getting too little exposure coz of the 40/day rate.

I’d prefer waiting 2 weeks instead of going in and out of the first pages in the blink of an eye.

Anyway, have a great day everybody. Cheers

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Having a responsibility to review each and every stuffs submitted in TF and GR (a kind of Ninja activity) your work means truly challenging. Had a great time when you & Kai Loon were here. But now you are doing this alone with all your efforts and dedication, which makes it perfect help for all authors.

Hats off to you Ivor. Yes, this thread is really meaningful.


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As someone who started with creating items for Themeforest like two weeks ago, I must say that I got my items reviewed always under 24 hours (last 10 days).

Last one that I have sent is still in queue (3 days now), but I guess it is only because it was weekend. So I’d say they/Ivor atm :), are doing great job considering the manpower :)

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Ivor, no one is pointing at you, but at the management, having 2 reviewers for this kind of community, hmmm… reviewers are on the front of the battlefront, weren’t there 3 of you a while back?