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After having purchased almost 45 themes here, and advising many others to purchase here as well, I have decided to do something that I haven’t found a lot here, which is: thank Themeforest for existing :)

For years I have been working with Joomla! and got really fed up with both the heavy CMS and the mostly typical male and technical designs that most templates are like. I can usually spot a Joomla website a hundred miles away. How creative.

At the same time I kept running into far more balanced and aesthetic designs for WP. When WP got mature enough, I switched to it and lo and behold: there appeared to be one single place where all themes are available: Themeforest. No more browsing all the different clubs all the time, no more memberships. Just one huge listing of themes that actually work and usually are excellent/creative designs.

Not just the designs are far more creative than those found for Joomla!. Something else, extremely important is found with the developers here that is hard to find in the Joomla! world: support. I have extensive experience with all the different Joomla! clubs for years and I can say that of all of them, only a few provide great support. And these are smaller ones. The last few years it has gotten better, but it doesn’t compare to the often great support from the developers here. (Even though I believe that the comment system here could be a bit more flexible ;) )

So, as I intended to do, hereby: THANK YOU THEMEFOREST FOR EXISTING :)

Cheers! Tom

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Great first post Tom! Let me THANK you for being here and for purchasing so many themes! Thanks :)

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Envato team

Thanks Tom! We’re pretty happy with our existence too :D