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In the last few days I have seen lots of themes rejected, and some of them are very nice and honestly have a lot of efforts of the authors. I have not submitted any theme yet, on the market but I am planning to do it. But this situation make me think, Which could be the correct process of a perfect submittion.

  • Create the PSD and submit ?
  • Create directly the HTML template and submit ?
  • Create directly the wordpress theme with a lot of effort and special theme programing and submit?

Follow this process could be a little bit painless for the author in the case of a rejection, is not the same just work in a PSD theme that a complete wordpress theme. But also I have read in this forum that exists the wall that in the PSD category are very strict and I am not sure if is a good start.

Some advice, someone with experience of successful submittion in this market, it will be great to hear your opinion about this topic.