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This is not a complaint, merely a suggestion topic. I can understand once a month payments, as other sites do this as well. But i tried to transfer money out on Jan 31 and it told me Id have to wait until March 15. Being new(er) to releasing files and not just buying them, this seems kinda crazy. On the flip side, if someone was buying a script, and making you wait 45 days for payment after they got the script, I’m sure ENVATO would amend that policy quickly. Has ENVATO tried other payment schedules or talked about different methods at all? What would other authors suggestions be?

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Not sure whats bothering you, when you work for a company, you receive a paycheck once a month, at predefined time, just like in a real world. You just have to plan better.

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Please also keep in mind that Envato is an Australian company so they operate in the Australian time zone:


A request for funds made before the end of January Melbourne time would be processed on the 15th of February. If a withdrawal request is placed after (for example) about 9am on January 31st American EST then that would actually be February 1st Melbourne time, so the withdrawal would occur on March 15th.

A lot of people generally place withdrawal requests as early as possible in order to make the end of month cutoff (eg: place it on the 1st of every month).


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The problem is Australian time zone is ahead of many of us’s time. So most probably every month, there would be some authors make late withdrawals and for every Bundle release, there would be few buyers missing purchase! :D

It is natural that for some reason, few people prefer the last moment actions! :P