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@egobuilders i dont know where you were 4-5 years, TF standards are so clear, i dont know if your webdesign skills are really good or not but with that design you cant get approval :/ ..

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@egobuilders I think you need a looooong vacation, seriously! take some rest until you really can understand why reviewers reject your design. Use google to find what is exactly the meaning of web design? is it only “color boxes with rounded corners”? is web design is “the art create by people that only can drag, and draw boxed in photoshop”? find it your self! learn it your self!

Do not blame the reviewers, they can’t give the exact point of rejection if the design quality is same with 5-years-old drawing, or maybe worse!

Rejection is great if you can learn from it, believe me! :)

good luck!

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It is obvious that if someone has much experience with client works and always used to get positive feedback from clients, more chances are there to feel reviewer rejections as vague/undeserved. Stock creations requires completely different attitude than what custom works require. To become even an average author, it requires 100% self efforts to realize the reason behind rejection. Especially to avoid rejections from buyers in the form of sales number :P

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“Unfortunately your submission Activit – Tabbed Landing Page with Working Form isn’t quite ready for ThemeForest and requires significant improvements and changes before it can be resubmitted and reconsidered.” – LIKE WHAT??? HOW CAN I FIX IT IF I DON’T KNOW WHAT IT IS?


if they need to tell you what to fix then you have a very long way before you before you can call yourself a designer.

your rejected template shows to me that you have close to 0 knowledge about design.


Web design is very easy. It’s an exact science. Width, height, color, very easy. Designing is easy. I don’t see what’s so difficult about dragging a marquee and filling it with a color, and adding a pattern or picture or whatever. I don’t design for me, I design what my clients ask for. I can’t help it if web design is not difficult for me to do. I just find it difficult to read the minds of the reviewers. LOL.

You look at a design now and think that is very easy to do the same, and you can replicate that design since you know photoshop.

but that is not design, that’s just the ability to use the software.

you also say that your design skills are excellent

so the Dunning Kruger Effect says it all:


I really really want that you think about it. Don’t take this as offense I wan’t to, and everybody else here want’s to open your eyes that you lack an important skill, which is design itself.

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I’ve seen some pretty bad designs get approved on here and sell like crazy. I mean like, black text on a white background and two straight rows of dots. And that’s the header! “doesn’t meet the design standards” ...what design standards?

The reviewer could at least say, “In my personal opinion, I don’t like your design, so I’m not going to approve it.” …especially when the author has ALREADY sacrificed their own design style (which their personal clients love and pay money for) in order to compromise and make something that looks like most of the other templates on here, only to be told that it “doesn’t meet the design standards.” Come on, we deserve a better explanation than that.

I bet if I put up a link to an existing template from someone that was approved, and no one knew where it was from, it would get plenty of recommendations for drastic improvements.

exactly correct !!!

my last reason was “the overall design is generic and dull”, may be for you is dull, may be for some one and customers is not it. However, when the similar theme are accepted and when the bests of site are not populars of site.

see some “korean site”, I think most of them (99/99%) can not approved here, it means that they are not standard?

Korean Site Template:


English Site Template:


I don’t see a difference, they are all pretty bad and dated. But I get your point, if you compare for example http://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/ and http://ebay.com it’s pretty obvious that each region has their own way, especially with some RTL languages etc. Either way, it’s an interesting question for a reviewer because all templates around here are looking quite “western-y” :)

edit: Speaking of Korea… http://notes.envato.com/case-studies/north-koreas-official-government-site-uses-themeforest/

this was only sample
http://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/ it is not “korean design”, it is only translated site with very little change on it.

north koreas official government yes,but it is not korean design, it is buy by korean person, and it is usual that an international site must have international design.

I say “korean design” not created by korean or buy by korean or translated by korean.

korean designed for the Korean people in this way and it is not outdated, see again:
sample 1
sample 2
sample 3