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I have been thinking lately about my business in terms of strategy and where it’s headed and taking into account industry trends. It’s very clear as a small business web site designer that competition is stiff and the market for web designers is getting saturated in some markets. If you don’t know me already, visit my previous post (link)

I’m planning on launching a self-serve web site soon where my clients (and maybe yours too?) can purchase customization services for their existing site. It’s going to be a place where customers can browse various web site “schwag” like image galleries, video logo reveals, flash galleries, and themes. I’m planning on demoing the stuff I purchased here already and giving customers the ability to purchase items. On the money making side, I would buy a file license, modify the file, and (optionally) update the user’s site for them.

I’m going with visualparade.com. What do you think?

If you are interested, let me know. Just about everyone that’s a member here already has the skills and abilities and it might be a good money making idea where you could acquire extra revenue for your business.

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Sorry Mayurj, but please keep threads like these in the off topic section. Thanks :)