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New to wordpress, and looking for a theme.

It is surprising to me as a new user that it is all but impossible to focus in on theme features.

For example, only want a theme that is responsive. No way to filter for ONLY those that are responsive.

We would like a theme that would display a variable number of portfolio thumbnails – with rollover text, that would link to detail pages that would have 2 or 3 tabs. Sounds common, but many of the LIVEDEMOs do not show such a layout.

We would like to display blog entries – with thumbnails – and allow them to be filtered in a quicksand style.

To find something like this is a daunting task… we basically need to click on themes one at a time an review them. After two days of looking… it is starting to seem impossible.

Maybe these features are available on most themes, but there is no description of capabilities or options within the themes – at least nothing that newbies can decipher.

And while there is a comment section on themeforest that can accommodate pre-sales questions, providing a laundry list of feature questions can also be a difficult task – again one at a time – and getting timely answers might also be problematic.

So is there some way to search through themeforest (or others?) that has search options? Checkboxes for “supports tabs”, “multi-line portfolio display”, “multi-line blog display”, “thumbnail blog listing”, etc… anything that will help to narrow / filter the options? Any way to filter themes based a features?

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The search system could definitely be improved, and I think they’re working on that.

But you can find responsive themes by clicking the “responsive” link in the sidebar of a product description


Hope that helps a little at least :)