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after rejected 3 times, I made a big improvement, added more features and functions, and need a feedback from talented friends here


is my theme ready for ThemeForest now?

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You have more work to do. Since the other two pages are duplicates of the same content on the home page, why not make it a one page design? With that said, visual hierarchy is extremely important. You need to fix the subtitle on the front page, it does not stand out. Also, the logo needs more contrast from the background.

There are also negative space issues and inconsistencies within the design. Some things are centered, and somethings are flush with the left side. That is fine, as long as you group things together. There is a log of negative space on the right side of the portfolio, I would distribute them more evenly.

I would also add a shadow to the background of the body (much like you have done so on the footer).

Good luck, please keep me updated on this. I like the concept :)

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I agree with Empirical: The concept is nice but it is a long way from getting accepted.

I would add to the spacing comments (although this a VERY valid point):
- The logo is definitely outdated and I would suggest bringing the nav highlight up away from the base of the header and closer to the text
- The ”+” symbols as a divider are totally wrong – definitely loose them for a more sophisticated look
- You need social icons in the header or footer somewhere
- You need WAY more pages and examples of features in there e.g. about us, shortcodes, contact, alternative versions of portfolio and blogs etc (look at top selling themes and how many features they demonstrate
- In the blog you need examples of different types of posts
- Add filtering to the portfolio
- Generally the typography and alignment throughout the site is off. I would reconsider the fonts you are using. You have got to sort out the Title, main content and other typographic elements and use them correctly in your demo.

There also appear to be some basic coding issues that need to be checked to ensure optimisation etc (have not looked in detail at this yet).

Generally think consistency, polishing and developing your ideas.

Apologies its a lot of comments but if you look at top selling theme son here you will see how far ahead they are – you have a nice concept but standards are high and it needs to be more “complete” before resubmitting.
Good luck and keep it posted here to see progress