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I am about to embark on my first wordpress premium theme. I am currently researching theme options (frameworks, settings API & customizer) as well as the best way to go about custom post types as a plugin or just within theme files I have two questions both I guess based on opinion however I’d love to get some answers from theme developers.

Which framework would you recommend (bare in mind it will be sold hopefully on themeforest)? - Options Framework - Up themes Framework - Redux Framework - Learn the Setting API & create own - Learn how to usewordpress customizer

Also the theme as with many with use custom post types?

However I was wondering what would be the best way to turn them on and off as a plugin or add a switch in the theme options area?

My only reservation with doing it as a plugin is how to I include the plugin files within the theme?

Many Thanks Connor

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First of all, you should not “include the plugin files in the theme”. You can include them in the package and use TGM plugin activation to suggest the user to install/activate the plugin upon theme installation. You can install both local (from the package) or online hosted (repository or elsewhere) plugins. You can get and read about TGM here: https://github.com/thomasgriffin/TGM-Plugin-Activation

There are more choices in terms of frameworks out of which Runway looks good to me – http://runwaywp.com/

You can also have a look at Titan Framework (don’t know how well maintained it is thought) – http://www.titanframework.net/

In terms of which should you use? Ask yourself how complex are the options your theme will support and be honest with yourself, do you really / do your users need all of them? Most times you/they don’t and you can easily go with WordPress’ customizer which is pretty darn easy to use and has support for a lot of options type and for those unsupported by default, there are code samples all over Google and GitHub.

Good luck with your first theme,