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Something to ocnsider also (and please correct me if I am wrong), my understanding is that there are “reviewers” for different types of file format but there are a few per format.

Therefore lets imagine you get a reviewer to take a pre-process look and they say it is good and will be accepted…. what then is to say that it is the same reviewer that makes the final decision?

All judgement is personal opinion (within guidelines), just because one reviewer might approve something does not mean that every reviewer would.

Should this occur then what?? Do you email back saying “well the other guy said it was ok so it must be good enough?!”

This could either cause disagreement within reviewers or if as a result they then decided ok – maybe we should approve it
would this not mean that effectively that “pre-process” evaluation was the ACTUAL review?

I appreciate how much work goes into creating files but I do think TF have got the policy right already. Good luck with your build.