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Hey guys / gals,

I’m looking to extend the theme of my website in about 3 months (from now I save up for the cost)

I’m currently using Zillapress and I want to implement a digital shop area with a similar one page style layout to that of Picons and Gomedia’s Arsenal.

Obviously, my site is powered by Wordpress, so it would be great to have this storefront area manageable via the Wordpress admin and integrated with my already established userbase.

However, if using an external service like Ejunkie or whatever is more efficient and easier to use, I’m happy with whatever.

This job won’t need to be designed totally from scratch, more so customization of my existing theme.

I want someone who’ll not necessarily create a super sexy design, but more so create a ridiculously simple experience for my customers and integrate the shop seamlessly with my site.

I have a budget in mind of what I’d like to spend, but I would like to hear quotes of what you Themeforesters think this job would cost so I’m not walking into this with stupid price expectations :)

Thanks folks

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I’d say $1500

(I wouldn’t apply for that tho, just an information from my end)

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Yeah, agree with Mel, that seems a reasonable price.

Not sure about themezilla, if that was built from the ground up it would be difficult to customize. Otherwise if it uses something like buddypress it would be easy to integrate.