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I just had an idea regarding how Envato helps promote its authors. Tell me what you think.

As it is now, it seems like there’s an “upper class” group and then everyone else striving to reach the upper class tier… I don’t mean that dramatically, but just at first sight you see new files and then the top authors.

What if there was a way to effectively promote ‘best of’ authors broken into 3 groups? Basically help the middle class, so to speak. Don’t think this is for my sake because I’m not even close to middle class yet. I was just thinking that there’s quite a few authors that work hard and have excellent work, but maybe are on a slow and long track to reach the level of the top authors.

This could be a useful strategy to speed up the growth of middle class, which in turn makes more money for both the middle class author and Envato. But the great thing is as they find more success, they will grow out of the middle class tier, this making way for more new popular middle class authors on the rise.

This is just generic idea, but I feel like it has potential.. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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Interesting idea…

One of the reasons items made by ‘top Authors’ stand out so much and gain such good promotion is because they’re usually very high quality.

If the items made by an Author are not good quality, they won’t stand out and the Author will struggle to become a ‘top Author’.

Don’t forget, there is a Top New Authors page.