Time for a Quiz/Bet Question - How much all the items at envato worth?

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will we win the amount if we guess right? :P

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Would be really cool to see what the total value per marketplace is… Anyone want to write a script that analyses total items/sales ??

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Focusing on things like the number of items will likely yield a poor approximation of what the market-places themselves are worth. Focusing on the aggregate of total sales is a better way to approach the problem. This is because the quantity of items does not necessarily affect the quantity of sales. If a market place has 10,000 items or 100,000, the factor of greater concern is the amount customers are willing or able to spend in those market places. It could be argued that a greater amount of items will never-the-less expand the customer base to a degree, but I doubt that the ratio is is anything but negligible.

If you had a ballpark figure for total sales, you could evaluate the company like a stock, and multiply those sales by 10-15, giving you a relative “market” value. Market meaning what investors might be willing to pay for Envato Stock (if there were such a thing,) equity, ect.

Like everything else in business, the true value of the markets is directly proportional to the value of the Envato brand itself – that’s really the true indicator of t what the Marketplaces are worth. Yeah, the quality of the items itself is an important factor, but it pales in comparison to branding. As far as the future value of the Envato Market places, it really boils down to how willing or how capable the owners/administrators of this place are to grow the business. We are talking about a private company, so its more or less up to them. They could be happy and comfortable with the level of success they have already achieved, or they could be working to make Envato a household name. Either way it is purely speculative to try and guess such things.

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hmmm, Is this all all the sales of all the items or just item price of all items all together?
I just multiplied the number of items with an average price.

and what’s an “average” price?

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and what’s an “average” price?
around 10$ ?