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Hi, guys!
Recently, I’m noticing to much “bad” links in Google. It became to easy to steal TF themes. Subjectively this never happened before. It seems that somebody who was responsible for removing those links is not on duty anymore…

Your thoughts? Maybe some “inside” from Envato staff?

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Yep, unfortunately you are right Dream-Theme :)
I recently found a warez website which contains let say 60%-70% of the items available on Themeforest.

There is no way that we (authors) can handle that.

I’ve seen several topics here in the forum about this problem and the conclusion is always “Envato cannot do anything since they are not the copyright holders”. Yes, but NO! I cannot agree with the above statement. I recently submitted a DMCA on some of the File Sharing Sites and there is clearly written:

The name of the person authorized to act on behalf of the owner (the “Complainant:) of the copyright or other intellectual property interest that has allegedly been infringed;

So yes, I absolutely authorize Envato to act on my behalf
We (all authors) can simply send a written proof, email to Envato which will say that we authorize them to act on behalf of all of us. Then Envato can estanblish a new Team in the beautiful office in Australia and deal with all these Warez websites.

Yes, maybe it is much more complicated than how I imagine it, but I honestly think that Envato can (and should) deal with such issues/websites.

At the end of the day, Envato are also losing money from all this things. And most of us are “one man army” so we cannot develop new items, update old items, support our customers and submit DMCA on numerious warez websites. We simply do not have the ability to do all this. I honestly think there should be a dedicated team in the Envato office that will take care of these things.