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I was just browsing photodune, and I am concerned that there are over 150,000 files.

That’s great, but can anybody compete with that many files?

Are you going for quantity > quality?

What I am getting at is, if I wanted to take a picture of a “women” and then sell it, because there are lots of women pictures by the same author(s), it’d make it difficult to perhaps attract sales?

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well is a stock photo website, 150.000 items is like nothing comparing to some other websites out there.

but the search on envato is not adequate to handle so many files. I would look at corbis and istock for inspiration on how search should work. I like the istock one because you can very easy stack tags and find some particular artwork, but at the corbis I can open a photo and find out search terms and tags that would have never passed through my mind. In fact when i search for stuff I first get myself some alternative words from corbis search and use them here or on other places.

but to many files?

well this search I’ve made found no photos :)

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doru said
the search on envato is not adequate to handle so many files


They actually need a lot more files, and a much better search. There needs to be a disambiguation feature, so that if I type in “coffee” it should prompt me with:

Did you mean:
coffee (drink)
coffee (plant)
coffee (food product)
coffee (shop)
coffee (social event)

These are not hard to program. I made one back in 2007 for a video search engine for a workplace injury database. There were about 100,000 videos of people demonstrating the right and wrong way to do different job-related tasks. I created a table structure to map jobs and synonyms so that you could type “plant” and be prompted with:

Did you mean: 
plant (item - landscaping element)
plant (action - gardening)
plant (item - factory)

I even used the Porter stemming algorithm so you could type in “planting”, “plant”, “planted”, etc. and get the appropriate results.