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I saw that some themes are getting low ratings just because of unexperienced users, which ofcourse are clearly and 100% not deserved by the author.

(No names as TF highly prohibits links to actual themes, so I do not advertise.)

For example, some guy was looking for woocommerce in a news theme where it was specified that the theme has no woocommerce adaptation (Duh, it’s a news theme for God’s sake!). The seller gets a 1 star rating.Completely the buyer’s fault.

Some guy rated the another news theme for 1 star just because he didn’t receive support in like 30-40 minutes.

There are also lots of bad ratings for a particular theme where the author clearly states: They do not work on weekends.They get lots of 1 star ratings.

Whose fault is this? Clearly the buyers’. Now, I really believe TF should do something about this, it is completely not fair at all and I believe there should be a contestation form for such things.

Authors put lots of work and I’ll eventually want to release (With a great developer) my first theme here and I’m afraid of such things, I think it is totally unfair.

What do you guys think?


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this unfortunately is a known problem that momentarily we can’t do nothing about it.

you can add your suggestion to this thread

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Yes, this problem exists. It’s frustrating and happens very frequently.

If we could find a solution, that’d be great, but I wouldn’t worry too much.

This is something that happens to all online marketplaces with ratings. Almost any product takes a certain amount of expertise to use (or understand) – from themes to lawnmowers to electronics equipment – and you’ll always have customers that buy something they aren’t qualified to use. Just read through some one star ratings on Amazon, they are frequently unwarranted, or entirely unrelated to the product, or user error, or make it clear that the customer didn’t read the product description and expected something unreasonable. ThemeForest is no different in this regard; every business has a small percentage of customers that will give them trouble. It’s a fact of doing business with humans :)

[Of course, any time you encounter a customer like this, you should review your product description, promotion materials, and documentation to see if you’re causing confusion and if there is something you could be doing better – these can often be opportunities for improvement]

That being said, one of the most important steps we can take is to allow reviews (comments) to accompany ratings. MOST customers are awesome, savvy, and understanding – when they review an item and see that the 1 star rating is because the item didn’t provide a feature that was never offered in the first place, they will disregard it. We need to give them this opportunity (the devs are working toward that).

Try not to worry too much; if you create an awesome product, a few bad ratings isn’t going to affect you :)