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Envato team

Quality…obviously the better it is, better chance it has. Keep standards up.

Quantity…more quality tracks you have, more chance of being discovered and perhaps selling.

Diversity and/or specialisation…maybe try to target an area the marketplace needs help with. maybe try to cover many genres…maybe do both? By all means follow the crowd and what sells…it’s not a crime and it might make you money. Don’t fear the Ukelele!

Don’t expect results…you might be a roaring success, you might slowly gather momentum. You might get rubbish results for a long time. A lot of new authors on this marketplace expect too much too soon…they get disheartened and often complain. Keep expectations in check and realistic. Only a very few people seem to be able to make a solid income from this. It’s not easy and there are a LOT of us!

Be respectful of the review team. It’s only decent. Don’t be rude or nasty to them. They want you to be a success and make money…that’s how they get paid. Got a problem with them? Contact support. Don’t air your dirty laundry in public. It makes you look unprofessional.

I’ve not been here long but that’s what I think about it all :) take it or leave it…

Good luck!
+1 very well said, I totally agree too!
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I agree with Mat. :)

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Listen to Revturkey…he is no every day bird.

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Wow. I really appreciate all of the information and tips that have been shared on this thread—I didn’t expect to receive a response quite like this and want to thank you all. It’s incredible to me that so many of you are willing to take time out of your own schedules to share knowledge and offer support. What a fantastic community. I’m realizing that it’s a long road to decent/regular sales and honestly it’s not that I’m being impatient… I’m just looking to “break the code” if you will, and figure out what works! As far as my sound, well—I’m playing a Yamaha Motif XF6 most of the time, (but some tracks were created on a Roland keyboard, too) I also use an M Audio Axiom 61 controller with a collection of sound libraries including East West… I’m thinking my gear isn’t necessarily “old sounding” but perhaps the question of the quality of my sounds comes from my production techniques… or lack thereof. Ha! Anyway, I recently enrolled in an online music production course to learn better mixing techniques on my DAW (Logic 9)...I guess my learning curve is still pretty large!! I’m just going to keep plugging away and keep working toward improvement.

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Hi ‘gain. Motif XF is plenty good enough to produce quality music. I used to have the XS until it got destroyed in a house fire. Great piece of kit. Wish I could afford to get another. It had lots of really useable sounds. Anyway, looks like you know what to do…good luck and looking forward to hearing some cool music from you. All the best :)