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I’ll try to describe this the best I can. I had an example, but can no longer find it. I’m trying to locate a theme or plugin that presents the user choices to pick from and finishes with a customized product. For example:

User is presented with Choose X or Y. Y is selected.

User is presented with sub-choices 1,2,3 based on the Y selection. User selects 2.

User is presented with more choices a,b,c,d. User selects c.

Maybe some optional choices are provided at the end and then the user submits to be presented with their customized product.

I use Wordpress, so compatibility with that would be ideal, but not completely necessary. If anyone can point me in the right direction to find something like this, I’d greatly appreciate it. I’m not looking for someone to develop this for me, however.

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Hey there!

What you’re looking for is a custom quote plugin, which generates a price for a service once the user has specified their criteria for their project.

I found this simple JavaScript plugin (not WP, sorry) for $5 on CodeCanyon, and it seems to do exactly what you’re looking for. http://codecanyon.net/item/order-now-running-estimate-jquery-plugin/300066

There will be others around, and if I find any which are directly for WordPress, or even integrate with an eCommerce plugin, I will definitely let you know.

Sorry no one else has been in touch quicker regarding this matter.

Sam :)