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Hey everyone, I recently have been trying to build up a reputable twitter for personal and marketing goals. I think that twitter not only is a great community for talking, getting feedback, and just sharing interesting content, but it is also a potential goldmine for marketing out GR items.

The issue I am having at the moment is gaining followers who are targeted and getting more action on my tweets, I get very little retweets, link clicks, or replies. My goal is to gain a larger following, more activity, and an over-all better twitter account.

Anyways I am wondering if you guys would be willing to help me out? I noticed some Envato Authors with alot of followers, and many accounts with a large influence. If you guys have any tips on this that are relevant feel free to share, I would appreciate that alot!

Thanks again for all the help, and feel free to follow me.

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I don’t got many followers just 1.3K which helps me very little :D…but all I did, is jut keep my people…updated on stuff I do, etc..XD and they keep following me :P…also, just leave your Twitter link in place, forums, your profile pages, everywhere you join, and peopel start to follow you :D

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The best way in my opinion to gain new followers is sharing valuable content, for example some quick tips for designers or links to useful and interesting articles. If people see that they can learn something new from your tweets, then there is a big chance that they will want to follow you.

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I agree with mgdd, you have to post something interesting to gain “real” followers, not just tweeting about your items. I’ve tried with a website to gain more followers the fast way but most of them unfollow you, they just want to get “points” so they can get more followers so I gave up on this social media spam thing…dribbble rules :)