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Hi all,

I’ve had a couple of PHP scripts rejected but I’ve spent so long on them I’d rather offer them for free than let them go to waste.

Script One – Domain Availability with WHOIS and integrated Paypal Order

This script was rejected for the reason:

“Limited Appeal”

With this script you can perform domain availability checks and whois requests using a whois proxy server or using the official whois server for that domain extension. You can configure your own pricing and then allow customers to order available domains paying directly via Paypal.

Live Preview: http://www.firegrid.co.uk/scripts/whois/demo.php

Download: http://www.firegrid.co.uk/scripts/whois/whois.zip

Script Two – Mailer/Contact Form with Attachment

This script was rejected for the reason:

“We already have contact forms” “Lacking in customisability”

With this script you can include a contact form on your site anywhere with the ability for the user to send you a file attachment with the message. You can control which filetypes you accept via the form, you can blacklist email addresses, all error messages are customisable and it has some basic header injection prevention and some anti-spam measures.

Live Preview: http://www.firegrid.co.uk/scripts/mailer/demo.php

Download: http://www.firegrid.co.uk/scripts/mailer/mailer.zip

I’m not offering any support for these scripts as I’m giving them away for free. If you don’t like these scripts please don’t flame me, I’m gibing them away for free – if you like them, great, download them. If not, just don’t download.

PS – If you do find them useful and would like to make a small donation, simply purchase one of my scripts here on TF – I’d really appreciate it ;)