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My item got soft rejected and I was told that I need to replace two images. I replaced those images and now I got this reason

Use less suggestive images: http://d.pr/i/zoEF

The images shown in this screenshot are not in my file right now. They were removed when it was soft rejected first time. You can check it here.


In the main file images are replaced with placeholders.

Please suggest me what I should do now :(

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I see at least 4 of the images in the screen shot of images asked to be removed still on your live demo – in the macbook air framed slider and in recent work also – you should remove those images I believe – also you should remove the words macbook air as you don’t have rights to use that as it’s a registered trademark of Apple.


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The answer you’re looking for is:

Too many mellons in there.

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Hello, you were suggested to remove certain images but they are still there. If you are really in bad need to use the pictures of naked girls in your actually corporative looking template you’d better place Rubens’ paintings–his 100% naked girls merely look as defiantly as those “dressed” ones on the pictures you used.

Also read this: http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/guys-stop-sexualizing-women-in-your-mockups/115051

In general, consider female buyers too–in their vast majority women do no like such type of photographs (various reasons for various female types)–however, no need to have fundamental knowledge about female psychology–a couple of articles (even from Wikipedia) may help to understand why it is so.

And a note about technical thing (unrelated to pictures)–remove bottom scroll (Chrome, Mac).