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Im almost sure this is my fault for being such a newbie when it comes to flash.

I bought this item http://activeden.net/item/unfolding-box-preloader/56281 and tried the best i could to follow instructions and then publish the results… now, im almost there, but i have one problem… this box and the subsequent unfolding animation appear so choppy and jumpy on my resulting AS3 .swf file (i tried html preview and it was the same exact way). i am almost sure im doing something wrong or missing a step or two somewhere.

if the described symptom above is not really clear, please advise and i shall upload a quick screencast of what it looks like on my end.

Please help me get this beautiful piece of animation to work properly so i can get it on my website and be on my way :)

thanks in advance

EDIT : I also notice during the publishing i always get Symbol ‘unfolding_box_preloader’, Layer ‘script’, Frame 3, Line 11 1120: Access of undefined property _parent. with this file, no matter what. even if i just open the original AS3 version and just try publishing this happens. I have downloaded and installed the font used for this animation without a problem. Cannot understand what this error really means and googling it and adobe forums were of no help either as no clear answer was found. not sure if it’s even related, but figured i add it maybe it amounts to something

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I’m the author of that file. I’m pretty sure that you are using the AS2 version of the file inside an AS3 project. That’s why you get those errors, since “_parent” exists in AS2 but not in AS3 .

Please note that inside the downloaded .zip you’ll find two versions of the file: one is for using in AS2 projects and the other is for AS3 projects. You should be using the file named “unfolding_box_preloader_as3.fla” if you are going to publish targeting AS3 .

Let me know if this fixes your issue. Otherwise please contact me through email and send me the file so I can have a look at waht’s going on in your case.

Kind regards, OneManBand.